Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Fourth of July Apps

I had no idea that there were so many 4th of July Apps at the iTunes Store! 
           Here are some that caught my eye:
                           Fireworks Pop Free

After a long day of golf in the extreme heat, I was exhausted and I didn't stay up late enough to watch  the local fireworks! I decided to create my own fireworks show with the Fireworks Pop Free App! You can customize your own location and share with your friends by exporting your video to your camera roll and sending through email or by posting it to Facebook. Free entertainment!
                   Jasper in 4th of July Fireworks
Join Jasper and Smiley on a patriotic adventure with this children's story app! They are in search of their family to join them at their favorite spot to watch the best fireworks ever!

I love Story Chimes Apps! We use many of the free apps to enrich our fairy tale unit. Students enjoy too!
My friends will not be surprised when they see me mention this app! I love to play with photo apps! 
Bailey, My American Bulldog

                This app plays 4 Patriotic Tunes. 

                        Happy Fourth of July!

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