Friday, July 13, 2012

FREE 2nd Grade Common Core- Operations and Algebraic Thinking Sport Theme Posters

There are so many awesome FREE 2nd Grade Common Core Posters online, but I haven't quite found a "simple" SPORT theme set of posters that does NOT require a lot of colored ink. Many of the posters that I have found online have amazing background patterns and graphics that need to be color. I would feel guilty printing them off at school on the colored printer. It would cost a fortune if I printed them off at home!! I made these simple ones with my Smart Board Notebook software! I can print them in color or in black and white! I have many more to make! Feel free to download if you have a "Sport" theme or "TEAM" theme for your classroom also!

I can! Operations and Algebraic Thinking

I attached Notebook File incase you want to get rid of my graphics and add your OWN! 

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