Thursday, June 21, 2012

Voxer- Walkie Talkie

Turn your phone into a live FREE walkie talkie! It's works on iPads & iPod Touches also!
Voxer lets you send instant audio, text and photo messages to your friends. Messages stream live as you talk and your friends join you live or listen later! It works over WiFi, 3G and any other data network.
I use Voxer while playing golf. It's an easy, fun way to talk to friends who are not in your foursome but who are also playing at the same course! I recently used Voxer to talk to a teacher friend while she was on her way to Lake Erie with her family! What fun!
I finally figured out how to talk to a group of people at once! Two of my high school girlfriends and I had a blast being silly on a Friday night! We even were successful sending pictures while voxing! I have a feeling we will use this app often! 

I haven't quite figured out how to integrate this app into the classroom yet, but this app could be used while at recess to talk to the office or the principal who are inside. We currently use real walkie talkies to check in with the office when we leave the building and when we return. We use them for emergencies and to ask what time it is! This app could be a great back up plan for those teachers who forget to take the actual walkie talkies outside. Most teachers have their phones! This could also be a great tool for field trips to talk to parents & volunteers etc. This fall I will encourage teachers, secretaries and principals to download Voxer. 
If you don't want to use this app for school use- it could be handy for family vacations! 

                        Do you use Voxer?
            If so, please leave me a comment!
Maybe we could send each other a message!

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  1. Here is an idea: Have your kids walkie talkie their spelling lists or math facts. That is what I am planning on doing...thanks for the great apptip.


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