Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free iPod Discipline Reward Printable

I have decided to try the behavior management clip system this fall that I have seen popping up all over teacher blogs and Pinterest! I added my passion for golf to make it my own to go along with my "Sports/Teamwork" classroom theme! I put each poster on a different color of scrapbook paper and laminated them. At the end of each day students will record their behavior results on the iPod Touch template in their homework folders. They will color the app box the color they earned for the day.

At the end of the week-they can earn "FREE Choice" as a reward on the iPod Touches. (We have 20 iPod Touches and 3 iPads) During the week, I assign what they do on the iPod Touches to practice and to create. Working for "Free Choice" is a great motivator! 

I am still deciding the details but here are some examples: 
5 Green= 15 minutes "Free Choice"
1 Yellow= 10 minutes "Free Choice"
1 Red or Blue = 5 minutes "Free Choice"
Black= No minutes

Here are photos of the 8 posters that I made with scrappindoodles Clip Art.
I added 3 "above average" posters for Positive Praise! 
This is on HOT PINK paper.

This is on Purple Paper.

This is on Orange Paper.

This is where all students will start the day!
This is on GREEN paper.

This is a Warning!
This is on YELLOW paper.

This is after the Warning. I like to have the choice to decide what consequence fits a certain behavior!
This is on RED paper.

This is on BLUE paper.

This is on BLACK paper.

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