Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free QR CODE Printables- Reading Street


What is a QR Code? 

Definition: A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional matrix barcode that is readable by smartphones with cameras. QR codes were created by Japanese company, Denso Wave, and are designed to be decoded at a high rate of speed. QR codes, developed in 1994, are becoming increasingly popular to identify specific URL’s and other information that companies want mobile users to access via their mobile devices.

The QR Reader App
In May, I attended the Ohio Google Apps for Education Conference where I learned how to make QR Codes. I found several awesome websites that I made QR Codes and posters for our classroom. Students will use the QR Reader App on our iPod Touches to visit these websites during workshop times to enrich our Scott Foresman Reading Street Reading Series. They will answer journal questions in their QR Journals. I will share journals soon!

                                UNIT 1 and UNIT 2 QR CODES

Unit 1 Week 1
Unit 1 Week 2
Unit 1 Week 3

Unit 1 Week 4

Unit 1 Week 5

Unit 2 Week 1

Unit 2 Week 2

Unit 2 Week 3

Unit 2 Week 4

Unit 2 Week 5

Click here for FREE QR Code Printables

Do you use QR Codes in your classroom?

 If so, how? 
Please leave me a comment.

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