Friday, June 29, 2012

Fooducate App- Nutrition Unit
I found this app while searching for "food" apps to share at my community class. Fooducate is a personal grocery advisor that can help you find healthly food for your family. Fooducate analyzes information found in each product's nutrition panel and ingredient list. You can see information that manufacturers don't want you to notice!
For example: 
sugars, fats, additives, preservatives etc.
  I purchased this FREE app from iTunes and had a blast in my pantry, refrigerator & freezer. 
Here are the results for a few of my favorite items-

No wonder why it takes so good!

I learned that I do not eat many A rated items!
 Ooooppss! If they do not have the results for an item that you scan, they will ask you for information and they will email you. 
There is even a companion blog!

This app might be fun to use for a nutrition unit in your classroom. Students could bring in their favorite items. You could collect data and graph results! 
Do you use this app? If so, are there any food items that totally shocked you? Please share!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Color Snap App - Sherwin Williams Enrich Color Study in Art Class

Will you be painting while home from school this summer? 
If so, check this out!

Capture real world colors and match them to Sherwim-Williams paint colors using this app.  
Picking a paint color is absolutely overwhelming for me! About a year ago, I used this app to pick the paint for my kitchen. It was easy to use because all I had to do was take a picture of what I   planned to hang on the walls and it suggested the matching colors! I took a screen shot, showed the sales rep, and bought the paint! Quick! Easy! I plan to use this app soon if I can get myself to paint again! Painting is NOT my favorite thing to do!

You could use this app in your art classroom to enrich you color study! Talk about colors, color families etc. 

Gas Buddy App & Math Problem Solving

Find cheap gas prices!

Here are the gas prices near my town!
What are they near your town?
You could use this app in your classroom to compare and contrast gas prices. This would be great for math problem solving!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I will be sharing technology skills with my community on Monday night! 

My session will be a hands-on experience using iPads and iPod Touches. We will be exploring a variety of Apps! Wish you could come join us!
I am a "sucker" for an APPLE!
Here are my favorite APPLE products!
(Mac Book, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV)
Attention Teacher Followers:
As you can see in the picture, my "favors" will be referring community members to my blog and my integrate technology facebook page. I added a "community" tab. I hope you don't mind reading a few posts that can help others BUT might not always share ways to integrate technology into the classroom! Who knows you might enjoy them too!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Book Retriever App

Saw this App pinned on Pinterest and I had to check it out! I am curious to find out if it is as awesome as it sounds! I going to sneak into school and grab one of my book baskets to try this out! 
I will let you know ASAP!

This app allows you to scan, level and inventory your entire classroom library as well, giving you leveling data such as Guided Reading Levels, Lexile, Accelerated Reader, and Reading Counts, DRA and Reading Recovery. The handy label printing function allows you to print the leveling data wirelessly and easily attach the labels to your books. There are over 178,000 titles loaded and they are adding more every day.

All this for 99 cents! I am AMAZED! Do you use this app? If so, please tell me all about it!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Just Type App

This coming year, I will use this app as one of my behavior reward choices! I am always looking for FREE incentives and rewards since I spend so much of my own money for my classroom! 
For example: Students who earn this reward can take their spelling test on our iPod Touches using this app and email it to me! I can print the test or simply grade it and email it to the parents! 

You can take a screen shot and email the photo or you can:

I also use this app to publish written work to meet Writing Common Core Standards. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Voxer- Walkie Talkie

Turn your phone into a live FREE walkie talkie! It's works on iPads & iPod Touches also!
Voxer lets you send instant audio, text and photo messages to your friends. Messages stream live as you talk and your friends join you live or listen later! It works over WiFi, 3G and any other data network.
I use Voxer while playing golf. It's an easy, fun way to talk to friends who are not in your foursome but who are also playing at the same course! I recently used Voxer to talk to a teacher friend while she was on her way to Lake Erie with her family! What fun!
I finally figured out how to talk to a group of people at once! Two of my high school girlfriends and I had a blast being silly on a Friday night! We even were successful sending pictures while voxing! I have a feeling we will use this app often! 

I haven't quite figured out how to integrate this app into the classroom yet, but this app could be used while at recess to talk to the office or the principal who are inside. We currently use real walkie talkies to check in with the office when we leave the building and when we return. We use them for emergencies and to ask what time it is! This app could be a great back up plan for those teachers who forget to take the actual walkie talkies outside. Most teachers have their phones! This could also be a great tool for field trips to talk to parents & volunteers etc. This fall I will encourage teachers, secretaries and principals to download Voxer. 
If you don't want to use this app for school use- it could be handy for family vacations! 

                        Do you use Voxer?
            If so, please leave me a comment!
Maybe we could send each other a message!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

QR Codes Unit 5 & 6 Reading Street

Please see previous post for QR Codes.
Tab is on Right Hand Side of page.
Unit 5 & 6 Reading Street QR Codes

     Click here to download FREE QR Printables

QR Codes Unit 3 & 4 Reading Street

Please see previous post for QR Codes.
Tab is on Right Hand Side of page.
Unit 3 & 4 Reading Street QR Codes

               Click here for FREE QR Code Printables

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Facebook Page

I started an iintegratetechnology Facebook page. I was unable to use my official name so I had to settle for Integrate technology. 

Please visit my page and click "Like" to help me out! 
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