Friday, May 4, 2012

iWANTED App- Reading Street Outlaw Activity

iWanted App

I have purchased several Wanted Apps but I found this one to be the easiest app for my 2nd graders to use on their own! 
It's FREE!

After reading Cowboys by Lucille Penner in our Reading Street Reading Series (Unit 6) and studying cowboy life, we decided to become COW RUSTLERS or OUTLAWS. 
We made our own WANTED posters! 
What fun!
VERB Brainstorm 

 ADJECTIVE Brainstorm
We used our Thesaurus App to help us with words! 

First, students chose an adjective and a verb/phrase for their WANTED poster.
Next, I modeled how to use the app by using my iPad and Apple TV. 
Then, I turned my students loose on 
our 20 iPod Touches. They took their own pictures and typed their own words & numbers. They have become little "techie" pros on our iPods! I didn't help at all! 
Last, students saved their posters in the Photo Album and I imported them into iPhoto. 

Next week, we will use our WANTED posters for a creative writing activity.
Cowboy Dress Up Day


  1. These really made me chuckle - especially Julia and Carson...

    Happy days


  2. Glad they made you chuckle! I sure did too! Julia's was my favorite!


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