Friday, May 4, 2012

SmartBoart Notebook Export PDF or Image Option/ Student Perspective of Teacher


Mrs. Newell needs a big can of Diet Coke for her birthday, because whenever I see her desk it has a can of Diet Coke.
There are so many things that I love about Smart Board software, but I LOVE the EXPORT option! 
I EXPORT all my own homemade Smart Board Notebook files as PDFs or image files. This way they are easy to print, to share and to use. I made this simple B-Day printable using Notebook software and exported as a PDF. 

You need to try this on your B-Day! My students were so excited to suggest a present for my husband to buy for me on my B-Day. As I walked around the room, they covered their papers so I could not see! It was funny! They loved sharing their ideas using our microphone speaker set. 

It was very eye opening to find out my students' perspectives of me! I am still laughing over the DIET COKE! I obviously wear way too much LEOPARD-Cheetah :)!


  1. Adorable your students are super cute! Happy Birthday!

  2. I had my students make a book similar to that for my birthday, because so many of them wanted to get me presents but I didn't want their parents to feel like they had to buy something! I let my kids make up imaginary things if they wanted, and it was hilarious.

    It was cute how well they knew me, though! Same for yours. It's amazing what they pick up, isn't it? :) Happy birthday!!!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad


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