Thursday, May 10, 2012

Google Apps for Education Conference

Ohio Google Apps for Education Conference
Click on "Sessions"
Go to this link to download PowerPoints and dittos even if you did not attend the conference for GREAT IDEAS! 

10:00-10:45 Learned how to make my own QR Code at the Google Apps for Education Conference at the Columbus Convention Center. There are so many great ways to use them in a classroom! I am so inspired! Can't wait to learn more! 

11:00-11:45  Exploring Google Earth & Maps for Classroom Projects

1:15-2:00 Learned how to Use Google FORMS for Formative Assessments! Look forward to sharing forms with you soon. This was an amazing session! 

2:15-3:00 Google-ize the Common Core
Did you know that if you want to perform a "Google" search for Smart Board Notebook files outside Smart Exchange all you do is type a topic name and add .notebook behind it! How did I not know that!?
Example: antonyms.notebook 

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