Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thoughtful Classroom Word Works

                      Professional Development 
                 from the Thoughtful Classroom
This year, our school district's professional development training has been learning tools and strategies from The Thoughtful Classroom. If your school uses this PD, I would love to learn from you! What tools and strategies do you like best? 
I have enjoyed using Word Works to raise student achievement and expand my teaching repertoire! Word Works is a way of planning and teaching a classroom unit that helps students develop the skills essential in learning new academic vocabulary. 

The Thoughtful Classroom: Word Works CODE
The 4 phases of Thoughtful Vocabulary Learning:
Connect: Connect new words to what you already know.
Organize: Organize new words into meaningful categories and frameworks.
Deep Process: Deep process the most important words.
Exercise: Exercise your vocabulary.

Here are a few items that I made to use with my students for the Organize & Deep Process phases. My students like 3 Way Tie the BEST! Student samples are at the bottom of page!

Click to download SmartBoard Notebook File

Click to download black and white PDF copies

3 Way Tie

Found this awesome website by Marshall County Schools with ready-made Thoughtful Classroom printables! 

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