Friday, April 27, 2012

Saxon Math Problem of the Day Smart Notebook & Saxon Math Journals Microsoft Word

Do you use Saxon Math?
If so, here are the "Problems of the Day" that I use that go along with each Saxon Math lesson. Lessons 1-136
Format- Smart Board Notebook.

Here are a few problems. 
These problems are written by Saxon Math. 
I put them in Notebook for a hands-on experience.   

I made the backgrounds white so you can chose your own! 

Here is an example of the Saxon Math Journals!
Journals are in Word Format.
If you use Saxon Math, what changes (if any)will you be making to implement the Common Core? I am very curious! I am looking for GREAT suggestions!
If you do not use Saxon Math, what math series do you use to meet the Common Core Standards? Please leave a comment. 


  1. I don't do Saxon Math, but I'll definitely be able to use your Smart pages. Thanks!


    Stories from Room 114

  2. Any chance you have the Saxon Problems of the Day in Word format? I have a projector but not a smartboard. I can't open the smart notebook file. I would love to use this resource! Thanks

  3. Hello,

    I am not able to open the file in it's current format. Will you please send it to me in either pdf or word format. Thanks so much.


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