Friday, April 20, 2012

Kids Keyboard HD- Thoughtful Classroom Compare & Contrast

Kids Keyboard HD App

My students used the Kid's Keyboard App for an activity that integrates the Thoughtful Classroom's Conclude and Apply Phases of Comparison:

The 4 Phases of Successful Comparison
Describe: Describe each item separately using criteria to keep yourself focused.
Compare: Use visual organizers to record the similarities and differences you discover.
Conclude: Discuss what you have learned from your comparison.
Apply: Show how you can use what you learned. 

After reading Just Like Josh Gibson by Angela Johnson in our Reading Street Reading Series, students compared themselves to Josh Gibson. 
Last year we did this activity. Students came up with surface level comparison ideas like: I am a girl. He is a boy. This year, I am so amazed! By integrating the Thoughtful Classroom's Compare & Contrast portfolio ideas this year- my students were able to "think"of GREAT comparisons. I am so proud of their growth!  

Venn Diagrams- shaped as bases

Students typed their paragraphs using the iPods using Kids Keyboard App. Students learned how to copy and to paste. They emailed their paragraphs to me by using the mail app. Our iPods have a gmail account. We use it a lot to email screenshots and photos. (
I copied the emails and paste them into Word. I met with students one on one to teach them how to use the "spell check" to revise and to make corrections.  

Students typing using Kids Keyboard HD.

I love her face!
She was in deep concentration until the flash distracted her!

Ruth used the iPad. We have 20 iPods and 24 students so I let 2 other students use my own personal iPad and my iPhone too! Students are very careful and respectful of technology! We share!

Students used Sport Cards to make baseball cards Just Like Josh Gibson.
I usually take pictures outside for this project, but I decided to use the "green screen" this year so I can use the photos in iMovie. I will change the background using the "green" screen effect! It's awesome! I am going to make the batters at Wrigley Field :) 

If you change the backgrounds by using the "green" screen affect- you will want to make sure there aren't wrinkles in your screen like mine! I forgot to bring my IRON! Oooppsss

Here are a few of the finished masterpieces!

Improvements can still be made but these students have come a LONG way! So proud of them!


  1. So wishing that I still taught Reading Street. What a cool idea! I love the baseball cards, too- so creative!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. What did you switch 2? We just adopted the 2011 version. It's pretty good. I like how it integrates science and social studies. We use Pearson SuccessNet for the online version of our reading series. It's ok, but there are so many more great resources produced by teachers for Reading Street!


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