Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Invention Commercials with iMovie on iPad

Invention Commercials

The book Pearl and Wagner, Two Good Friends from our Reading Street Reading Series inspired us to support each other while working with a creative idea to make inventions. Students made commercials to sell their products! What fun!
           We moved our desks and made a mess!

Trash collection for a few days!

I love DUCT Tape!


How will your invention improve life?

What will you name your invention?

How will your invention be unique? 

What will your invention do?

Why should I buy it?

How does it work?

Time to build!

OMG! What a mess!

Worth the stress of the mess!

In this activity, students used the Exercise and Apply phases.  

The Thoughtful Classroom: Word Works CODE
The 4 phases of Thoughtful Vocabulary Learning:
Connect: Connect new words to what you already know.
Organize: Organize new words into meaningful categories and frameworks.
Deep Process: Deep process the most important words.
Exercise: Exercise your vocabulary.

The 4 Phases of Successful Comparison
Describe: Describe each item separately using criteria to keep yourself focused.
Compare: Use visual organizers to record the similarities and differences you discover.
Conclude: Discuss what you have learned from your comparison.
Apply: Show how you can use what you learned. 


  1. Love how the kids got to move their desks and work! I am your newest follower. Come visit my blog sometime! :)
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  2. Jen,
    I am pretty obsessive about mess so this pushed me over the edge but it was completely worth it! Thank goodness it was a FRIDAY!

    Thanks for following my blog! I am new to blogger and I have so much more to learn!
    I will be your next new follower!



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