Wednesday, April 11, 2012

iMovie on iPad Santa Problem

We made this video using iMove in December! 
How can creative thinking solve a problem? 
Santa can only give 1 gift to the students of Union Elementary! 
What should Santa bring to benefit ALL students of Union Elementary? 

This is a
Culminating Activity for
Unit 3 Week 3 Reading Street 
Exercise & Apply PHASES of the Thoughtful Classroom.

The Thoughtful Classroom: Word Works CODE
The 4 phases of Thoughtful Vocabulary Learning:
Connect: Connect new words to what you already know.
Organize: Organize new words into meaningful categories and frameworks.
Deep Process: Deep process the most important words.
Exercise: Exercise your vocabulary.

The 4 Phases of Successful Comparison
Describe: Describe each item separately using criteria to keep yourself focused.
Compare: Use visual organizers to record the similarities and differences you discover.
Conclude: Discuss what you have learned from your comparison.
Apply: Show how you can use what you learned. 

What would you want Santa to bring your school? Why? Please leave a comment!

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