Thursday, April 12, 2012

Education City

Education City is a great online program to help improve academic performance!
We use it on our Smart Board -whole group, we use it individually on student computers, and we use it at home! 
Click link for a FREE TRIAL!

Differentiated instruction- you choose activities for students. 
You can run a variety of reports to monitor student performance.  
All activities align with the COMMON CORE standards. 

Hide the "QUIT" button under your preferences! Students will quit games if they do not like them. 
Students like using this program during workshop time more than Raz-Kids. 

Do you use Education City? If so, what are your favorite activities? How do you use it? I would love to find out!


  1. I LOVE Education City! I teach in the UK so use a version tailored to the UK National Curriculum but same idea. Love it for Mental Maths starters as it gets all the children really engaged. I also like the teacher's resources for whole class teaching sessions!

  2. Jennie- This is so awesome that I can talk to a teacher who teaches in the UK! I teach in a rural town in Northwest, OHIO! Do you use the differentiation option for your students? I need to improve. At first, I was pretty good at choosing activities for students, but right now I have all games open to all students on my CITY. I found it hard to "keep up" while trying to integrate a variety of other technology options through out the week.


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