Friday, April 13, 2012

Easy Chart App- GRAPH DATA!

Easy Chart App
Each week we graph our results for our Math Written Assessments using bar graphs, Spelling Tests using line graphs, and Reading Assessments using pictographs. We organize them in our data folders & CELEBRATE our accomplished goals! We also discuss what we can do to reach our goals if they are not met for the following week :)

It's getting a bit "OLD" for all of us so I thought we would try something NEW for MATH FACTS! Integrate technology! Students entered their math fact data for the week for -8 timed tests using the Easy Chart App. 

Enter data 1 time & get
 5 different types of graphs.

The kids caught on quickly using their iPods while I taught them step by step how to enter data by using my iPad and Apple TV.  I have a feeling you will see many more posts about this FREE app. I'm loving it! 

This app is FREE for iPhone/iPod, but 99 cents for iPad version. I used the iPhone app on my iPad but magnified (2X) the app and it worked great! 
Next week we will discuss, interpret and analyze data from our graphs. 

Do you use this app? 
What do you like? 
What do you dislike? 


  1. Hi Mindy:) I just had to pick myself up off the floor!! Your kiddies have ipods and you have an ipad....this is the classroom of my dreams! I am so frustrated with the lack if interest in using technology at my current is driving me nuts ;D I love how you changed up the old graphing activity by using technology...looks fantastic! thanks for stopping by my blog. I am really looking forward to following along here and learning as much as I can from you:) Happy rest of the weekend to you!
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  2. Not sure if it will ever wear off- but I am new to blogger & I am "star" struck when or if I get comments from amazing teachers from all around the world! I am so excited to hear from you! I see you are from Australia! I can't wait to tell my 2nd graders! Your blog is wonderful! I want to learn how to make cute units and packets too! I just purchased some clip art, but have not yet made anything! I am a bit worried about the "rules". Do you have any great tips? What is the rule about using an artist's clip art? I see many teachers use the clip art and site the source and sell their work on TPT? How does that work? It must be ok since everyone is doing it! Yes, we have a great amount of technology here in my school district which is in a rural town of Ohio! I assumed most schools were filled with technology! Reading your comment made me realize- what I take for granted each and every day! I should be more grateful! Did you see my post about the technology that I use- it's under the "My Technology" label. You could be the first to push for technology "change" at your school! Write a grant or "team" up with a local community business! Even though funds are slim, there are so many creative ways to use them for technology! Special ed or Title I. Let me now if I can help :)


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