Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cursive App- Cursive Debate

Students like using this app to practice writing in cursive. It has both uppercase(capital) & lowercase (small) letters and numbers. 

Video animations to show the correct formation of all letters and numbers. 
Unrestricted choice of any letter or number at anytime.
Choice of shaded letters and numbers for tracing or blank guidelines for practice.
"Hint" button for instructional support.
Built-in reward to celebrate success and motivate for improvement

Cursive DEBATE
My school district met to discuss the future of cursive in our schools.  I haven't heard the official verdict, but I have a feeling that I will be teaching it next year and for many more years in my career.  
According to Barry McNamara in the article : The Fall of Cursive: "School districts are now allowed to stop teaching cursive, shifting the emphasis to keyboard proficiency. Districts will be allowed to teach cursive if they so choose, but it's likely that the "archaic" practice will join the likes of other once-useful skills such as churning butter and hitching a horse to a wagon. The students of Indiana will no longer have to "relearn" cursive each August, because they won't be asked to learn it in the first place."  
There are several great articles online debating cursive! 
Just "Google" it!

According to Stehany Yong in the article Handwriting is on the Wall for Cursive Instruction- 
"Now many elementary-school students may go without any cursive instruction at all as more states adopt the Common Core educational standards for the early grades. 
The Common Core’s technology-based approach calls for students to use Internet-based tools to produce and publish writing, spending more time on research and reflection, and less time on actual composition."

To continue to teach cursive or not?

Where do you live?
Do you teach cursive?
How much do your students write in cursive?
Is cursive consistently used throughout your building and school district?

Please leave a comment :)!

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