Sunday, April 29, 2012

Battleship App- Coordinate Geometry

Battleship App used for Coordinate Geometry 99cents

After learning about coordinate geometry, practicing the skill all week, and playing a paper version of Battleship with partners, students used this app on Friday for some fun and learning!
In classic mode, students tap a grid square to target it then touch the weapon button at the top of the screen to fire. I made my students read the coordinates aloud because they could actually play the game without even noticing the coordinates. 


I need to look for some "Battleship" games this summer at garage sales! Have you seen them anywhere as travel games- the mini version? If so, leave me a comment!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

May Morning Meeting- Smart Notebook

Here are my favorite resources that I use with Smart Board Notebook Software to conduct my Morning Meeting.
We all have a Morning Meeting or a Daily Calendar time! It's a powerful tool for building community and integrating the teaching of social and academic skills.  After teaching 13+ yrs, I needed a CHANGE! Even though I unpacked a new Saxon Math Meeting set each year and I had tons of my own cute "Morning Meeting" bulletin board sets, I dreaded doing it each day. I went to a tech conference and was inspire by a Kindergarten teacher who had used her SmartBoard for Morning Meeting. I was so excited that I went home that night and made my own. This is my 3rd year (my 16th year of teaching) using Smart Board Notebook software to conduct Morning Meeting. I look forward to it each morning!

The words- Good Morning, Nose, B-Day, Teamwork, and Follow Directions are songs that are linked to my itunes library! 

Each month I chose a different calendar that I found @ Smart Exchange. We "save" after we write the #s on the calendar, so they will be there the next day! 

I needed this page to go with our Saxon Math Meeting. 

This is my dog Aggie. We move her around the world! I love this page because it is awesome to observe who can move the 7 continents and 4 oceans in the proper places. We sing a song to help!

I change the number of squares each day. 

We use this to practice cursive letters and spelling words. 

We always end our meeting with our mission statement and the Pledge of the Allegiance. 
I play the Teamwork song while the students walk back to their seats quietly! Music is a great transition!

What I love about integrating technology while conducting morning meeting: 
1. Students are engaged and involved!
2. It is hands-on! There are so many multimedia/interactive items in the "gallery". 
3. You can change the order of the pages each day to keep students on their toes! You can add pages and eliminate pages. You don't even have to use all the pages!
4. You can collect pages to add to your morning meetings by going to Smart Exchange. 
5. It's fun!
                              Here is a start for you! 
If you find any great pages that you think I would like, please keep me in mind. This summer I have a lot to add to meet the COMMON CORE STANDARDS! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Saxon Math Problem of the Day Smart Notebook & Saxon Math Journals Microsoft Word

Do you use Saxon Math?
If so, here are the "Problems of the Day" that I use that go along with each Saxon Math lesson. Lessons 1-136
Format- Smart Board Notebook.

Here are a few problems. 
These problems are written by Saxon Math. 
I put them in Notebook for a hands-on experience.   

I made the backgrounds white so you can chose your own! 

Here is an example of the Saxon Math Journals!
Journals are in Word Format.
If you use Saxon Math, what changes (if any)will you be making to implement the Common Core? I am very curious! I am looking for GREAT suggestions!
If you do not use Saxon Math, what math series do you use to meet the Common Core Standards? Please leave a comment. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Super Duper Apps

                    I LOVE Fun Deck Apps!
They are easy for students to use to practice Common Core Standards/Skills. Students can email you the results! You can use them for grades! 
Earlier this year- they were $5.99 a piece, so I only owned a few of them, but now they are $1.99 thru iTunes so I own most of them!! Our school uses a Voluming Purchasing Program to purchase several apps at a time.

Do you use these apps? 
Which ones do your students like best? 
Leave me a comment!
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