Tuesday, March 27, 2012

iPod and iPad Mini Management


Each iPod has a case with a #. 
 WHITE OUT works great!!  
Screen protectors are a MUST! 
The laptop or "MotherShip" is what is used to
add Apps and update iPods. You can attach an iPod individually to the MotherShip or you can do them all at once using an Ipod Charge Cart. 

                                                     iPod Charge Cart.
 It stores 40 iPods. We have 30 iPods.

 We put headphones on the iPod cart handle, but now they are in baggies for easy no tangle storage! Also great for suffocating lice!

Draw 1
Do u notice the different letters by the #s?
R= Mrs. Ritter
N=Mrs. Newell 
M= Mrs. Morris 
Easy way for students to remember which iPods to use in small groups. 
The cart is in my room so my students get to use the iPods more. We use them a lot whole group!

Drawer 2

I have a different laptop (Mothership) for the iPad Minis. We do have an iPad cart in our building, but I do not manage it. 

These are my iPod/iPad Activity sheets for the students to use during workstations. 
The first year I let students pic apps, but now iPod/iPad time is guided/directed learning time. There is a purpose and students are held accountable for their learning- not just PLAY!

I have several FREE iPod and iPad Activity Sheets available on Teacher Pay Teacher and this blog under the iPod and iPad Activity Sheet Tab. 

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