Tuesday, March 27, 2012

About Me

I have been teaching second grade for 17 years. I am very fortunate to have many technology items that I integrate into the classroom daily. This is my 11th year using a Smart Board. This is my 1st year with a Smart Document Camera! I have 30 iPod Touches that I share with 2 other second grade classrooms. We have an iPod charge cart & a storage system. I have 3 iPad 2 & 5 iPad Minis. I have a Flip Cam, LE Response System, microphone/speaker system, Alpha Smarts, Apple TV, Wii, and digital camera. 

I am currently a PowerTeacher trainer for my school district. I am also the Webmaster for our Union School website. I have presented at the SmartEd Ohio Free Technology Conference in Sandusky, Ohio in 2010 and in Toledo, Ohio 2011. I have also presented for the 2010 NWOET (Northwest Ohio Educational Technology) Technology Conference in Bowling Green, Ohio. I presented at the 2012 Ohio eTech Conference in Columbus, Ohio. I will be presenting at the 2013 Ohio eTech Conference in Columbus, Ohio in February. 

As a professional educator, sharing my passion of technology with other teachers is so rewarding! I greatly enjoy sharing ideas and supporting teachers who attend my technology sessions. We have traded many technology ideas and given support to each other over the years through email and facebook. This blog is my new adventure! It's fun to learn some thing new!
I have made many great friends while teaching! My teacher friends are "FAMILY"!  The mother of the groom might have retired :( but she still inspires me to become a better teacher! The cutie on the end (right side) was my 2nd grade teacher! She retired also! Hard shoes to fill :)
My Best Buddy!
Hope you are as lucky as I am to work with wonderful people!


  1. I LOVE the name!!!! Kim :-)

    1. It worked Kim! I will keep posting apps that I use- you could definitely use them with your kids! Do you have an iPad? If not, we gotta write u a grant!


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