Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Spelling Test App


My students use the My Spelling Test App to    
practice spelling words. I love it more than they do! 

At first, my students wrote their test results
on Post-it notes and attached them to the iPod storage cart. I thought it was an excellent idea! I could easily check to see who needed more practice or who might need intervention. It took me 1 week to realize that the iPod results did not
match the results on the Post-it notes! :( I was very disappointed! Now I require everyone to take a screenshot of their results. They email me the photo so I have the REAL data. No more fibbers!

Step 1: Spell the word. 
Step 2: Record a sentence using the word.
Step 3: Check recording.

Step 4: Take Test

Step 5: Take screenshot.
Step 6: Send photo to Mrs. Newell

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