Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Apps

Love this book! There are so many extension activities that you can do with this book!
In short- Pauline lays beautiful eggs.  Every time she looks at an item she lays an egg that looks just like it!

Each student used the camera app to take a close-up picture! Students are improving their iPod picture taking skills. Some are still very wiggly! It's hard for me not to just "do it" for them :) I made 5X7 prints on the colored printer for each student to look at as they drew their eggs.

Pauline for a Day

Here are a few:

When students finished being Pauline, they used the following apps:
There are so many FREE Easter Apps!

Students solve riddles to find eggs. I heard one of my kids say, "Man, this is hard!"!/id432469871?mt=8
   Cute FREE Book- Students decorate and hunt for eggs. If you have the app -Interactive Touch Books, students can record their own narration of the Bunnyfur's Easter Eggs. There is a color page at the end of the book. Color and save photo. Email photo & print! 

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