Saturday, March 31, 2012

Game Predictions- iMovie App

Bloom's Taxonomy and iMovie- Click Link!

Hope one of my kiddos is correct about the big game tonight! Go BUCKS!
Before we filmed, we had a great conversation about sportsmanship, predicting, estimating and odd and even numbers. Monday we will problem solve to find out who is the prediction winner!

Movie made with iPod and iMovie App.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Apps

Love this book! There are so many extension activities that you can do with this book!
In short- Pauline lays beautiful eggs.  Every time she looks at an item she lays an egg that looks just like it!

Each student used the camera app to take a close-up picture! Students are improving their iPod picture taking skills. Some are still very wiggly! It's hard for me not to just "do it" for them :) I made 5X7 prints on the colored printer for each student to look at as they drew their eggs.

Pauline for a Day

Here are a few:

When students finished being Pauline, they used the following apps:
There are so many FREE Easter Apps!

Students solve riddles to find eggs. I heard one of my kids say, "Man, this is hard!"!/id432469871?mt=8
   Cute FREE Book- Students decorate and hunt for eggs. If you have the app -Interactive Touch Books, students can record their own narration of the Bunnyfur's Easter Eggs. There is a color page at the end of the book. Color and save photo. Email photo & print! 

iBehaveWell App

          My Favorite Behavior Management App

I use this app on my iPhone so I can document behavior anywhere!
(Recess, hallway, bus duty, classroom) I tried it on my iPad but it was not convenient!

I love the data graphs! I email them to parents. 
I also send several snapshots of my notes and tally screens to parents so they can see which areas need improvement! This app has been very helpful for parents who need data to provide evidence when having their children evaluated for ADD and ADHD.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Holiday Apps

There a TONS of photo apps that I like to use for the holidays! We use the pictures for many different types of writing prompts and activities! 

My Spelling Test App


My students use the My Spelling Test App to    
practice spelling words. I love it more than they do! 

At first, my students wrote their test results
on Post-it notes and attached them to the iPod storage cart. I thought it was an excellent idea! I could easily check to see who needed more practice or who might need intervention. It took me 1 week to realize that the iPod results did not
match the results on the Post-it notes! :( I was very disappointed! Now I require everyone to take a screenshot of their results. They email me the photo so I have the REAL data. No more fibbers!

Step 1: Spell the word. 
Step 2: Record a sentence using the word.
Step 3: Check recording.

Step 4: Take Test

Step 5: Take screenshot.
Step 6: Send photo to Mrs. Newell

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ohio eTech Conference

For those of you who attended my eTech session    
        and have emailed me to ask for a packet- 
                  here is the link until JUNE! 


Math Regrouping App

I absolutely love this regrouping app! 
It's a fun, hands-on way to practice regrouping with addition and borrowing with subtraction.  
I require my students to take a screen shot after they finish a session. Then they email me the photo. It gives me data on how they are doing. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

iPod and iPad Mini Management


Each iPod has a case with a #. 
 WHITE OUT works great!!  
Screen protectors are a MUST! 
The laptop or "MotherShip" is what is used to
add Apps and update iPods. You can attach an iPod individually to the MotherShip or you can do them all at once using an Ipod Charge Cart. 

                                                     iPod Charge Cart.
 It stores 40 iPods. We have 30 iPods.

 We put headphones on the iPod cart handle, but now they are in baggies for easy no tangle storage! Also great for suffocating lice!

Draw 1
Do u notice the different letters by the #s?
R= Mrs. Ritter
N=Mrs. Newell 
M= Mrs. Morris 
Easy way for students to remember which iPods to use in small groups. 
The cart is in my room so my students get to use the iPods more. We use them a lot whole group!

Drawer 2

I have a different laptop (Mothership) for the iPad Minis. We do have an iPad cart in our building, but I do not manage it. 

These are my iPod/iPad Activity sheets for the students to use during workstations. 
The first year I let students pic apps, but now iPod/iPad time is guided/directed learning time. There is a purpose and students are held accountable for their learning- not just PLAY!

I have several FREE iPod and iPad Activity Sheets available on Teacher Pay Teacher and this blog under the iPod and iPad Activity Sheet Tab. 
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