Monday, September 15, 2014

FrontRow JUNO...You Had Me at Hello!


I have written several local mini-grants to purchase speaker-type systems throughout my teaching career. The Juno Tower is my 4th system! This by far is the best system that I have ever used! 
It's NO Tom Cruise, but it had me at HELLO!! 
                       IT COMPLETES ME :) 
Everything I ever wanted and MORE! 
We have been using our JunoTower System since the end of August. Team Newell Students are very attentive and motivated to learn! 
The student microphone keeps students on their toes! It motivates them to participate! 
The teacher microphone saves my voice. I am learning to speak clearly and calmly. 
The software has motivated me to improve instruction. We record lessons so students and parents can review them on our YouTube Channel. 
Team Newell Students beg to learn a new cursive letter each day to watch the videos made by using the FrontRow Software. I am modeling how to use the software for a few more weeks. Students will be making videos soon too! Here are a few of the videos. Visit our channel throughout the year to see how our Juno Tower enriches learning!
Did you know... kids farthest from the teacher can miss up to 40% of what's being said? Did you know that 25% of what the teacher says in class never reaches students' brains? Write a grant or speak to someone who might be able to purchase you a Juno Tower TODAY :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Good Bye Summer, Hello 19th Year of Teaching

Goodbye Summer- Hello 19th Year of Teaching!
1. Looked up from my phone! 
This video is AMAZING!

2. Spent time with my husband and my 4 legged children.  

3. Hung out MANY DAYS by my mom & dad's pool.                 

4. Played lots of golf and hung with friends.              

5. Met Fitbit goals! 

6. Created new TPT products (My Math Exit Slips Ch 1 -12) for my store.              
7. Bought a new Toyota RAV4!                              

8. Updated 30 iPod Touches, 5 iPad Minis, and 10 Nexus Tablets. 

9. Went to a 3 day OTES- (Ohio Teacher Evaluation System) Training and I PASSED the TEST! I am now a credentialed OTES Evaluator!

10. Read 4 great books that have inspired me for this upcoming year!

 I am energized and ready for my 19th year! 

My new TEAM has already started a Google Presentation project!
Come back soon to read all about it!

Friday, June 20, 2014

What Would You Do? Journal Writing

What Would You Do? is an American television news magazine and hidden camera show

 broadcast on ABC since 2008 as part of the Primetime series. The series is hosted by news

 correspondent John QuiƱones.

I love this show!
Using hidden cameras, What Would You Do? establishes everyday scenarios and then captures people's reactions. Whether people are compelled to act or mind their own business.

A Kid's Guide to Tricky and Sticky Situations. Flat bike tires, forgotten homework, obscene phone calls—more than 70 situations kids could encounter when they are on their own.
I like to use this book to teach life long lessons and to practice daily writing skills. It gives great advice on what should be done in confusing, ambiguous, dangerous, or unexpected situations at home, school, or out on your own. 
I was inspired to create my own What Would You Do? Pack. A blank template is included in the pack so students can create their own scenarios to use with partner writing etc. 

Click HERE to purchase $1.00 Pack

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Magic School Bus 360 Coming in 2016!

I am so excited!
The New York Times reports that Netflix is ordering a reboot of The Magic School Bus. The Magic School Bus 360°, the new series will be a reboot of the popular ’90s children’s cartoon from Scholastic Media that originally from 1994 until 1997. 
With 26 half-hour episodes available for worldwide streaming sometime in 2016, the new series will use CGI animation. Other new features will include an updated Ms. Frizzle, an updated bus and modern scientific tools, such as robots.

                         CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE!!!
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