Friday, May 1, 2015

Fishy Fractions and Fractions Online

Students create fish tanks and write fractions to represent the fish in their tanks!


This video is good for differentiation. There are 7 different sections about fractions.  

                  This is a fun fraction song!
This video shows occupations that use fractions! What about teachers? I use fractions to analyze data and to guide instruction!

This is an awesome game to practice fractions!


Click HERE to read about previous FRACTION post and download more FREEBIES!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jazz Up Your Email Signature Line

Want to Jazz Up your school or personal email signature line? 
I am passing along this awesome site from Jim Frye, USEVS Technology Director! Thanks JIM! 
If you'd like to enhance your signature line, here's the process:
  1. Open a new tab and go to:
  2. Fill in the information in the left column you want in your signature line.  You can upload a pic or avatar of your choice.  You can change layout/template on the right side column names.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Choose email type- example: "Gmail" from available email programs.
  5. Click "Select" to highlight all data, then command key+C to copy. (I removed the "get signature like this!" before I copied).
  6. Now, go back to Mail > Settings (under the gear icon) > Signature and remove any signature data you may in there now, and, then paste your newly created signature.  Make sure the box is checked underneath to "Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the "--" line that precedes it."
  7. Save.  If you want more spacing, you can go back to Settings > Signature and move the signature down a line or two and resave.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stability Balls in Team Newell

Bounce While Learning in Team Newell
Team Newell students say goodbye to regular classroom chairs, and they say hello to twenty new stability balls.

What is a stability ball?         
            A stability ball is a large inflatable ball usually used for yoga and exercise, but it can also be used in classrooms in place of chairs. The ball isn’t used for fun, but rather to help students sit up straight and engage the muscles and the parts of their brains needed to remain balanced on the stability ball. Brain research has shown that there is a link between movement and positive academic performance. 

How do they work?
            When students sit on stability balls, both sides of their brains are engaged in keeping their bodies centered on the balls. And when the brain is stimulated, it's more focused on learning. Not only is the brain better suited to processing new information, young minds are also better able to concentrate on exams, note-taking, class discussions, and other aspects of classroom learning.

            A study published in the October 2003 issue of the American Journal of Occupational Therapy found that students with attention challenges, such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder, tended to focus better when using stability balls instead of chairs. The study revealed that students behaved better and that language skills improved, and that students and teachers preferred the use of stability balls in the classroom instead of chairs. Fidgeting helps children with ADHD concentrate, and just a little movement on the stability balls can meet their demands for expelling excess energy.

How do stability balls improve posture?
            Without a back, stability balls force children to sit up straight and engage in better posture than they might ordinarily in a standard school chair and desk. When students are sitting up straight, they're more likely to pay attention.  A study on the positive effects of students using stability balls in the classroom in the February 2009 issue of Chronicle of Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education noted, however, that a stability ball is not a long-term cure-all for posture, and that bad habits can return because there's no back support to take pressure off the tailbone.  Proper posture at a young age is important because this is when bodies are growing the most. When a child has poor posture, they are increasing their chances of developing spinal deformities. Using a stability ball decreases a child's chance of developing these deformities by forcing them to maintain good posture. The use of stability balls can also help students to become more physically fit because core muscles are engaged and strengthened.

How is it going in Team Newell?
             Just in two months, I have noticed “active sitting” has improved focus, flexibility, coordination, balance and handwriting. The stability balls give students the opportunity to direct their natural kinesthetic energy in a positive way rather than me squashing their need for movement. We incorporated stability ball rules that have allowed movement in a controlled manner without causing disturbance in our classroom. When the novelty wears off, I am hoping our overall performance continues to improve. It is an expensive investigation, but it is worth every penny to try to help students reach their full potential as learners.  

For more information about stability balls, visit:

We have 6 students in our room who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and who are currently taking medication. The stability balls are very helpful!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Art for Kids Hub, Compound Sentences, and Indoor Recess

    Are you looking for a new indoor recess idea?

Visit the You Tube Channel- Art for Kids Hub! It's a great resource to use to teach your students how to draw, paint, and sculpt! I absolutely love it!
      It's created by a Dad, named Rob. He loves doing art with his children and sharing it with others. His love for art is contagious!     

      My second graders love to draw! These videos not only engage my students, but they also inspire writing in our classroom! 
There are many awesome videos!

     When you teach in Ohio. You spend many months with no recess or indoor recess! We are only permitted to play outside if the REAL FEEL temperature is 20+ degrees. 

We have missed 8 days of school this year due to snow, ice or wind chill! We have probably only been outside for recess 2 or 3 times since we came back from Christmas. Tomorrow, we are already on a 2 hour delay. 

We use our Nintendo Wii for indoor recess.
We exercise using Go Noodle.
We play with toys.
Thank you to Art for Kids for giving us another great option for indoor learning! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Green Screen Field Trip #GoBucks National Championship

A National Championship has inspired learning in Team Newell
Ohioans are "NUTS" about football!
We start them young :)

The story chronicles the journey of baby Brutus from his early days in the Buckeye family tree all the way to the Horseshoe Stadium at The Ohio State University. Lil' Brutus makes a lot of friends along the way as he grows to learn that he is a football nut. This story of true determination not only communicates the history of Mascot Brutus Buckeye, it speaks to the importance of remembering your roots. Whether or not you enjoy sports you will become a fan of Lil' Brutus!

We read Lil' Brutus Born a Buckeye. We had a great discussion about teamwork, pride, traditions, commitment, Ohio facts and symbols, sportsmanship! 
Reading Lil' Buckeye sure made discussing life long lessons, compound words, and verb tenses way more interesting!
One student made great connections when she shared about how her Mom cheered on Michigan State and Wisconsin even though they were Buckeye Fans! Other students "piggyback"ed her idea and shared their own everyday sportsmanship  learning examples. 
Real learning :)
In competition — as in life — you may not always win but you can learn something from losing, too. Learning good sportsmanship means finding that the positive attitude learned on the field carries over into other areas of life. At school, for example, you're able to appreciate the contributions made by classmates and know how to work as part of a team to complete a project. You may enjoy more success at work as well, because a big part of learning good sportsmanship is learning to be respectful of others, including customers and coworkers.

 I received both my Bachelors and Masters from  Bowling Green State University
Even though I did not graduate from The Ohio State University, I was born a Buckeye and I have an unique experience with Buckeye Football.  
I attended the 2014 Ohio State Women's Football Clinic!
I was honored to spend the day with the coaching staff and players learning the ins and outs of OSU Football!  There were offensive, defensive, and special teams presentations, as well as strength and equipment demonstrations which totally broke my concentration :) 
Can you tell by the "deer in headlight" look on my face what effect Anthony Schlegel had on me?  
We participated in drills and relays. I got whiplash from tackling, but an experience well worth it! A great day for a great cause. The daylong event cost $75 and the proceeds benefited the Stefanie Spielman Breast Cancer Research Fund. 

I'm in there on the left :)

I wish my students could have experienced the overwhelming pride that I felt that day so I decided to give them a little taste- A Green Screen Field Trip! 
I love iMovie!
My husband's picture of the 50 yard line +
My Green Screen Photo =
The coolest picture ever! :)

The BIG game is 1-12-15! 
I hope my students got a taste of Buckeye Pride and learned to be respectful of others! 
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